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2015 State Delegate and Alternate List

Drumroll please….below are the delegates and alternates the ACRP will be sending to the State Convention: Delegates: M. Cindy Wilson Dan Harvell Kevin L. Bryant Denny Floyd Susan B. Aiken Jonathon Hill Charles Crowe Reatha C. Crowe Hannah Hill Joshua Putnam Mark Powell David Rankin Linda Floyd Eddie Moore Lee Cole Wendy Tucker Robert L. […]

Presidential Straw Poll Results

At the 2015 County GOP Convention we held an unofficial Presidential straw poll. Below are the results: Ted Cruz – 21 votes Scott Walker – 19 votes Marco Rubio – 12 votes Mike Huckabee – 7 votes Rick Perry – 5 votes Lindsey Graham – 5 votes Rick Santorum – 4 votes Mike Pence – […]

2015 County Convention Info

The 2015 bi-annual County Convention will be held Thursday, April 16th, at Glenview Middle School (Old Williamston Rd, Anderson). Registration starts at 6:00pm. Candidates for ACRP offices for 2015-2017: Chairman: Dan Harvell 1st Vice Chairman: Mary Mills 2nd Vice Chairman: No one declared 3rd Vice Chairman: Austin Holadia Secretary: Hannah Hill Treasurer: Denny Floyd State Executive […]

2015 Precinct Reorganization Information

The Anderson County Republican Party (ACRP) will hold Precinct Reorganization March 16, 6:30 pm at seven regional locations. Precinct Reorganization is performed by political parties once every two years, as specified in state law. This is an opportunity to become involved in the ACRP and gain a voting voice on the county party level. Precinct […]

Message from the Chairman

Greetings from the Anderson County Republican Party! We appreciate you visiting our website, and invite your participation as we work to promote Conservative, responsible and accountable government here in Anderson County and South Carolina. We are a vibrant group of concerned, committed Republicans who strive to exhibit the tenets of The Republican Creed and Ronald […]

Announcing Our 2014 Headquarters!

We are thrilled to announced that the ACRP 2014 headquarters are now open and in operation! We are located at 111 Sharp St. in Anderson. We are open from 10am to 6pm Monday through Friday, and on Saturday from 2pm to 6pm. We have signs for Francis Crowder, Lindsay Graham, Craig Gagnon and Tim Scott there […]

Letter to the SCGOP

County Convention Ballot Discrepancy Resolved

The ACRP Convention Credentials Chairman Lee Rogers has issued the following statement verifying that the delegate count certified at the convention was in error. The letter below to the SCGOP corrects that problem. All numbers coincide properly after recount.

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2013 State Convention Delegates

Below are the delegates and alternates elected at the County Convention to represent Anderson at the State Convention. Delegates: Susan Aiken Dan Harvell Kevin Bryant Bennie Sue West Rick Adkins Cindy Wilson Riley Harvell Lee Rogers Rick Freemantle Jane Jones Erin Harvell Eddie Moore Charles Crowe Denny Floyd Grayson Kelly Reatha Crowe Robin Freemantle Lee […]

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Anderson GOP Convention

Announcement: New ACRP Officers

Thanks to all who came out and participated at the Anderson County GOP convention last night! The new Party Officers are as follows: Chairman: Dan Harvell State Executive Committeeman: Lee Cole 1st Vice Chair: Mary Mills 2nd Vice Chair: Mark Powell 3rd Vice Chair: Don Jocelyn Treasurer: Denny Floyd Secretary: Hannah Hill Stay tuned for our […]

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